Thursday, July 19, 2007

Four Sisters

These four houses were built to be identical in the early 1900's. They're still "mostly" identical, although one of them needs a little bit of TLC. They're called the "Four Sisters" because they were built from the wood of the Egmont Hotel, on whose site they sit. The Egmont was a grand hotel that housed all of the wealthy "northern folk" who came down to Fernandina in the 1800's to get warm in the fall and winter months. When Flagler put his railroad in that would allow these folks to get all the way down to south Florida and, hence, warmer, there wasn't much need for the Egmont anymore and it was torn down. Fortunately, the materials were saved and the sisters were born. They're quite beautiful and just up the block from us. So, all of you "northern folk" won't have too much of an address change when you want to get warm in the fall and winter months.

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