Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gift Certificate Opportunity

Blogger seems to be quite temperamental lately. I'm posting every day but my posts don't always show. So I'm throuwing in an all-text one just to see if it makes a difference. Lucky you, it means that I'm going to offer another gift certificate. I've had lots of people inquiring as to my progress toward fitness, now that six months have passed. So I'm going to quiz you to see how well you think that I've done.

Send me an e-mail with numbers on it:

1) How many pounds I've lost

2) How many points my cholesterol has dropped

3) How many beats my resting pulse has dropped

4) How many inches I've lost off of my all-important waist.

The closest guess on each one gets 25 points. The highest score gets a $75 gift certificate. I'll accept guesses until Wednesday, August 22nd. One guess per person please to email@fairbankshouse.com .

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