Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Walk With Bears

So we're walking along through the forest in Juneau and I says "hey"... "HEY" I says. "HEYYYYY! Anyone else see that bear?" Naturally, this was all said very quietly; I've watched Animal Planet. So the whole group stopped, gave him some space, watched him dig around and then walk over the trail about six feet in front of us (which I videoed). Handily, we were on a photo safari so the moment was well-documented. And to segue back to Amelia Island, yes, we have occasional bear sightings here too. In fact there was a large black bear that showed up on the island a couple of years ago that had probably swum in from a neighboring island (although he was spotted using at least one bridge) and he hung around for a few weeks causing much excitement and celebrity for anyone whose trash he ate. We have alot of Chicago transplants here on Amelia, so he was quickly named "Walter" for his running back - like maneuvers as a nod to "Sweetness". Chicago Bear fans will follow that explanation; I apologize to the rest of you. Alas, Walter eventually hitched a ride or swam a few more islands south, never to be spotted again.

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