Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Almost Here

It's just over a week until the annual Georgia/Florida or Florida/Georgia football game and cocktail party. The merchants on Centre Street like to hedge their bets by featuring items in both teams' colors. Interestingly, even though we're in Florida, Amelia Island becomes a sea of red and bulldogs game week. Georgians have been vacationing on Amelia Island for years so they just return with bigger gangs for the game. Some of you may be wondering where our stadium is on the island. It's in Jacksonville. The game is held in Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, home of the Jaguars. It is considered "neutral ground" since neither team plays there at any other time (since neither team goes to the Gator Bowl). But mostly, it's an extreme rivalry and a big party. And we've got two rooms available FYI.

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