Friday, January 11, 2008

Lone Shrimp Boat

Their numbers are getting fewer and the independent shrimper is fighting for survival. Fuel and insurance costs, and competition from shrimp farms and foreign producers have made this a rapidly disappearing lifestyle. We frequently see the boats but they're mostly on the docks these days. For some, it's just too expensive to even take the boat out. This is sad on a number of levels for the shrimpers and for the consumer. The locals are fortunate to know the taste of fresh wild shrimp; many consumers outside of the area have never had that experience - and there is a difference. Some of our restaurants still serve the local ones so ask us when you're here.

Speaking of shrimping, here's a link that I featured many months ago to an interview with Billy Burbank of the Burbank Net Making Company. They used to just make shrimp nets but now they make backstops, goals and other sports related nets. It's from 1980: Billy Burbank III. It's long but I find it fascinating.