Monday, June 16, 2008

So We Had a Lightning Strike

And my handsome husband, Bill, is showing one of several 120 year old bricks that got blown out of the chimney as a result. As another result, our PBX (phone) system was blown out so the only communication that we have with the outside world is through our DSL internet line. Parts have been ordered, which we're assured will come overnight, so we're hoping to be back (fully) in business by tomorrow afternoon.

The housekeepers and I were in the house when it got hit and one of them was looking into the dining room when its corresponding chimney got hit. If anyone remembers the Harry Potter scene where they were using flu powder to get around, you'll understand why I expected Ron Weasley to be standing in our dining room fireplace afterward. Soot and ash was blown several feet into the dining room, as well as into the corresponding chimney-sharing fireplace of room #5. No Weasleys, Potters, Grifindors or Slitherins - just a mess. But no bodily harm so we're grateful to just have a story.

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