Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jumpin' With the Girls

We had a particularly wacky group of girls all celebrating their 50th birthdays this weekend and, since this is my big year too (I'm the oldest in the group), I was invited to join in the traditional jump.

On closer inspection you'll see that it wasn't me, but a serial killer in a wig. What the? I guess I was pretty excited to take part. Can't explain the hair...Thanks for the memories ladies.

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Anonymous said...


We loved seeing our picture on your blog!!! We had such a wonderful time at the Fairbanks House, due in large part to yours and Bill's "wacky" personalities!!!! You are now an honorary "50 Chick"!

Thanks for a WONDERFUL weekend!!! The servants cottage was quaint, cozy and comfortable. We will definitely be back and we hope to bring more friends.

The 50 Chicks,
Devoni, Donna, Eileen, and Phine