Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Tour

Today was the Pumpkin Tour of Inns. We had a great time featuring all kinds of pumpkin refreshments at the various B&B's in town.

As well as handing out about thirty coupons to each ticket holder. Guests got to trick-or-treat for coupons from inns, restaurants, tours, shops and attractions and some of them were quite generous.
Decorations ranged from high-end elegant to Halloweeny. And the weather was just perfect. Many will be back for the Cookie Tour in November. Mark your calendars; it'll be November 22nd. We've scheduled it just before Thanksgiving because it'll be before you get too busy with all of the other holiday activities and, with the seven recipes that you'll be collecting for holiday cookies, you'll have time for your baking inspiration to settle in in time for your guests. We're looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the cookies. Can you give me a hint or two about which cookies you will be making???? Ernest..

Theresa the Innkeeper said...


Anonymous said...

You temptress...... E.S.