Sunday, November 9, 2008

Boomer's Beard

Boomer, everyone's favorite carriage horse, is quite the black hole when it comes to eating; in fact, he'll eat just about anything. He's pretty happy when I've just gone to the grocery store when he stops by for his treats, but if the cupboards are pretty bare at the end of a long weekend, he's just as happy when I clean up the yard and feed him Spanish moss. As you can see, he's not very dainty with it - or anything else that he eats - and he grabs so much of it that he frequently has a pretty good beard of it as a result. I try to always have carrots ready for him but if I don't I just grab the Spanish moss before he drags the carriage up the front steps looking for me. Anyone who's taken a carriage tour from here knows what I'm talking about. He's actually been known to steal ice cream cones and lattes out of people's hands when they're not looking. But he's a big boy with a big stomach so we all love him.

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