Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Brewpub Coming!

The owners (Theresa pictured here, Tim on floor working) of Cafe Karibo on Third Street will be opening a new attached brewpub in January. They've taken over the recently vacated space next door for the venture and it looks like it will be great. They'll be offering five varieties of home brewed beer (tanks pictured here) along with burgers and other vittles that go well with beer. Called "Cafe Karibrew, (Brewpub and Grub)," it will be open for lunch and dinner several days a week, ultimately seven. It's nice to see some folks making continued investment in the community during difficult economic times. Until the pub opens - and even after - we highly recommend Cafe Karibo.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, now THAT will call for another trip up!!! Let us know when they open. With a projected 5 varieties, there's bound to be an Amber in there somewhere. Ernest.