Monday, February 25, 2008

It's Not Snowing Heeeeeere !!!

Jennifer (from Boston) and Lise (from DC) who were here on one of our Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Getaways, were thrilled to be in our sunny and 70's weather, compared with the storms that they'd left behind over the weekend. Wouldn't you be?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Old Man River

It was a beautiful day to just sit by the Amelia River and watch for dolphins and manatees. In fact, it was a beautiful weekend to do that. Shorts weather.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lousy Weather Up North Today?

With the storms moving through up north, I thought that you guys might like to see some flowers in bloom. I'm standing (crouching) under the big holly trees that the birds have just stripped the berries from looking back toward our breakfast courtyard. Our azaleas are actually past prime but the (yellow) Carolina Jasmine is starting to really show off. We planted it last year to climb over our garden gate and it's filling in nicely. If you don't feel like waiting until May to see these colors in your yard, come on down; we're happy to share.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Traffic Jam

This is a bona fide traffic jam in Fernandina. This truck actually had to wait for the train to pass on its way to the mill. That's what we call "traffic" here. You probably have a different definition.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Pete vs The Kid

Another young lad retreats from the immovable sword of Pegleg Pete. Many a youngster has tried to pry Pete's sword from his grip but all have failed to budge that which has been "Bondo'd" in place for the protection of all and from all.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Signs of Spring

The line at the ice cream shop was so long that the patrons could barely be contained inside. They couldn't close the door all day.

Lots of folks walking on the docks today, just enjoying the sunshine and watching the boats come and go.

So many people enjoyed the brunch on the patio at Cafe Karibo on this gorgeous day today that they had to send the late arrivals home. They'd run out of food.

And the redbuds are bursting out all over.

50th Birthday

Okay, I'm back! I had a great 50th birthday celebration. In fact, about 30 minutes after I made my last entry on the blog on my birhtday, Bill surprised me with our very good friends from Baltimore, Teresa and Gary Gerstacker. They now live in New Jersey and we hadn't seen them in about nine years. What a surprise! We had a great weekend with them and did lots of touristy things like taking a carriage tour,
watching the Pirates on the Run 10K Saturday morning, (this running pirate was on a bit of a break but at least he was out there....),
and taking a Segway tour. Bill also surprised me with a fabulous gift - a treadmill. So now, even if the weather is lousy or it's late, I don't have to miss a walk or a run. Don't worry, I won't take pictures from my treadmill. I'll still be outside a lot.
We watched the Superbowl with our friends Sunday night and then as soon as we dropped them off at the airport, we left for a
Select Registry conference in Charleston. We had a great conference and were inspired by some of the best innkeepers in the land but I managed to pick up the flu while we were there and I came home with a 104 degree fever. Needless to say, it's been a slow recovery and I've had a lot of catching up to do but you can expect regular entries from here on out.

I'd like to thank all of you for your support over the last year and especially to those of you who sent me birthday wishes, cards and e-mails. I was truly touched. It sounds as though you enjoy the blog and you'd like me to keep it going so it's a match made in heaven because I love doing it. I feel like a tourist every day and get to enjoy what our guests come from around the world to see. And feel free to leave comments. It looks like I've finally got that working. Don't forget to look for the periodic opportunities to win gift certificates too.

Friday, February 1, 2008

I Did It!

As promised, here I am on my 50th birthday, 365 days since the last time you saw me. I have walked or run every day for the last year. I'm 17 pounds lighter, significantly healthier and immensely happier than I was a year ago. I have been reminded every day of why we moved here and why our guests love Fernandina so much. It's been a real joy and I don't intend to give it up. In fact, it's really a new beginning for me because I signed up last night for this year's fitness challenge where I intend to add weight training - something that I should have been doing all along.

I'll still be blogging but I'd like to her from you regarding what you'd like me to blog about. And I'll be offering some occassional gift certificate opportunities, as well. To those of you who have offered me encouragement and feedback along the way (and birthday wishes) I can't thank you enough. You've really helped and your support is appreciated. To our guests who have used my blog as a resource for activities, I say "thank you - you get the point". And to my wonderful husband and our wonderful Fairbanks House staff who covered for me on many occassions so that I could get out there, I say "thank you thank you thank you thank you".

So I'm going to open this up for comments. Please be nice but let me know what you'd like to see from here on out. And now, I'm going to follow up this day off that my husband has given me with a very large meal and a ginormous dessert. I'll be answering e-mails tomorrow.