Wednesday, January 28, 2009

100 Years of Marriage

We were privileged to have two couples in the house today who are celebrating their respective 50th anniversaries. Mr. and Mrs. Greene, on the left, came in from Santa Barbara for the occasion and Mr. and Mrs. English stopped in on their way to Savannah.
This evening the whole Greene clan got spiffed up for the celebration, toasted the milestone with a bottle of champagne and headed to Beech Street Grill to continue the festivities. We're honored that both couples were with us for such a wonderful occasion. We know that their families are proud. Bill and I are equally fortunate to have parents whose marriages have withstood the test of time. My parents were married 56 years before my mother passed away and Bill's parents will celebrate their 62nd anniversary this June. How lucky indeed.


Mary Lu Hartley said...

These people look so happy and how nice to have their family join them for the celebration - I love the banner. Slight correction in your math about the number of years your parents (and mine) were married - 05/29/45 til death did them part on 8/26/02 - 57 years.

Theresa the Innkeeper said...

Thanks Big Sister. I reversed Mom's birthday (11/29) with their anniversary (5/29). Don't tell Dad.

Charlotte said...

Theresa, thank you once again for a lovely stay at the Fairbanks House. I reallyyyyy miss my princess bed. Your blog is fun and I wish you luck with your, what I gather is, your New Year's resolution. I see that we did not completely take the clouds and cold with us back to Connecticut, but I hope the sunshine returns to you soon! Take care.

Charlotte Greene

Gilmore Girls said...

And you are halfway there!