Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cedar Waxwing Day

Every year about this time we get migratory flocks of birds that stop by the inn for a few hours and strip every berry on the property (okay, just the holly bushes and trees) before moving onto their next island stop north. We usually have at least 25 different species of birds completely covering the property in true Hitchcockian fashion - kind of like a little UN festival in our yard. Today, however, it was just the Cedar Waxwings who got the jump on the rest of the bird world in a unified front and stripped us clean leaving nothing for their slower brethren who are sure to follow. I'm concerned that a) there is a rift in Birdworld and that they're taking on an isolationist stance and b) everyone else will show up later and we'll get a bad review on TripAdvisor because we have no food for them. I guess I'll go get some bird feed. They are returning guests after all.


Anonymous said...

Ahh hah. I thought, by the title, that this was the day when you took care of all the woodwork in the house. I was imagining you sliding down the banister in a Pledge suit, and Bill following down in a Swiffer suit... Rift in the bird world...isolationist stance...? Hmm. Haven't they heard that there is now a CHANGE going on??? :-) Ernest.

Theresa the Innkeeper said...

Now THAT's a party! Game on! Forget the Superbowl today, we now have other plans. And that's my point exactly about Birdworld. I'll send them to Washington next so that they can see what's going on. As always, good to hear from you Ernest.