Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thanks Kate

Those of you who are longtime blog readers (you're clearly cool, good-looking and intelligent) will probably remember a prior post when I talked about Kate's Tree, pictured. We have many newbies, however, so I hope that you'll forgive me (again) for repeating myself (again). Newbies may ask "why is there a tree in the middle of the road"? It's because in the early 1900's the City came along to widen the street and set up to take down this majestic oak. Kate Bailey who lived in the shrimp bisque grand Victorian (whose converted carriage house is visible from this angle) wasn't having any of that. She grabbed her shotgun and sat on her porch and threatened anyone who came anywhere near the tree with severe bodily harm. She stayed until she got assurances that the tree would be spared and here is the result. I was particularly grateful to Kate today when it was pushing 90 degrees toward the end of my walk.

Fairbanks House

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munrohouse said...

It's stuff like this that makes your town cool. There have probably been lots of people who complain about the tree in the middle of the road. But after reading the story, I am glad that Kate saved this big oak for many generations to ponder and enjoy. If I ever make it to Amelia Island, I will be sure to check out Kate's Tree.