Monday, August 17, 2009

No Tropical Storm Here

These are the kind of great skies that we get here when somebody else gets a tropical storm or hurricane. They just kind of throw off these cool looking clouds and we get the high beauty without the high drama. It's probably time for me to do my once-a-year hurricane education for those not familiar with Florida. The state has thousands of miles of coastline and therefor, thousands of miles of opportunities for a land-falling hurricane. If you watch the news during hurricane season you think that the entire state of Florida is laying in ruins. It's true that the state - in general - has had more than its fair share. However... from our house to Key West is about the same distance as Bar Harbor Maine to Philadelphia. That's a pretty big coastline. More often than not, when a tropical storm or hurricane hits somewhere in the state, most of the rest of us will be calm and dry. If you're wondering what our particular record is here on Amelia Island, let me just say that we're still looking through the original glass in the windows from 1885. Statistically, Nassau County, FL is the least likely spot on the East Coast to take a direct land-falling hurricane. Yes, I have just knocked on every piece of wood in the house.


K*Tina! said...

This is picture is beautiful! What type of camera did you use?

Theresa the Innkeeper said...

Thanks. Just a point-and-shoot Canon Power Shot aka a Digital Elph. I'm not a photographer, just a picture taker, and this camera is perfect for me.

Gilmore Girls said...

One of your best - looks like a Thomas Kinkade.