Friday, August 14, 2009

Pet Friendly Island

A frequent question from our guests is if all of the shop owners have pets in their stores. When I was first asked this I thought that it must have been "Take Your Pet to Work Day" or something like that. Upon further questioning, I realized that they were asking because many, many downtown merchants have water bowls outside for anyone passing by. There are lots of dog owners on the island (just come to the Saturday Farmers Market if you'd like to see it in action) and sidewalks can get mighty hot on the paws. Cats are allowed too but they mostly drink up at night when they can be stealthy about it. We have several bowls around the yard tucked into gardens and under shrubs to catch the rain and/ or the sprinklers. With a little over an acre of grounds we have critters of all kinds taking refuge - and we'd like to keep the pool in its pristine condition rather than having it become the great watering hole of the Kalahari.

Fairbanks House

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