Thursday, October 8, 2009

Billy's Good News

With very cautious optimism, I announce that Billy's sight returned. About a week ago. As suddenly and inexplicably as it left. And we're thrilled. Although he had made tremendous strides on his own (and with training) as a blind boy, we were naturally always concerned about him and kept a close eye. And I got really concerned when his babysitters quit - after I'd given them such good press. But then I noticed that he was finding things more quickly, running more, chasing things with more accuracy, etc. And then I watched him run right at a tree full speed, knowing that there would not be a happy ending to the stunt, I was stunned to see him never break stride and run halfway up the tree. Eureka! He could see! That's why his babysitters quit; he didn't need them. His eyes don't look completely back to normal but I can't find one sight issue that holds him back. Since both of these events were without explanation, we'll hope for the best and keep an eye on him.

Billy and his babysitters and I would like to thank everyone for their kind wishes and moral support. As you can see here, he's keeping an eye on a squirrel so he's doing fine. If the situation changes, his babysitters and I will retrain him. In the meantime, we'll remain cautiously optimistic.

Fairbanks House


chris said...

Go Billy! What a cute kitty and what a warm story. Strange...but so glad he can run freely again.

Anonymous said...

YAY... Weird, but YAY.. Ernest.

Anonymous said...

YEA!!! What a wonderful surprise!

I am headed down to Amelia Island in a couple of weeks (for the first time) and I must admit that "meeting Billy" has been on my "must do" list. I'm sure he's become quite the celebrity!

Way to Go Billy! and thanks Theresa for the great news!

Theresa the Innkeeper said...

Thanks everyone. Yes, this is strange. I'm no vet - and the vet couldn't figure out the cause - but the closest guess that I have is what I'm going to call "hysterical blindness". The day before we noticed that he was blind, a new neighbor carelessly let their very large (nice) dog run loose and it ran around the neighborhood at full tilt. He ended up running right up onto the porch where Billy was sleeping and scared the ever-loving crap (sorry...) out of him. Since Billy is still mostly feral, he's pretty scrappy and he wanted a piece of the dog. I opened the door and threw him in the house but he came right back out ready to rumble. I didn't let it get that far but it got far enough that I'm sure that his blood pressure went for a major ride. The first thing that the vet checked was his blood pressure but it was a few days before we knew that anything was wrong and his pressure was fine but the damage was already done. They told me that his sight wouldn't come back but they also rejected my theory on the basis that only physical trauma (dog picking him up and shaking him) could cause that. And maybe the incident has nothing at all to do with this event and it will remain a mystery... which is why we're "cautiously optimistic".

As I said before, he's still feral - I'm the only one who can touch him - so he's not very sociable but if anyone stops by and he's around I'll be happy to point him out. He's kind of on his own schedule now (which is great!) so he's not the most polite or predictable and he doesn't quite understand his role as folk hero yet but I read him your e-mails and he says "Mew". He's more of a one-sylable kind of guy.