Sunday, October 4, 2009

Charlie's Angels and Throw Momma From the Train

So it was movie re-enactment day at Fairbanks House today with two fun and willing girls' groups that I treated as my own personal victims of a Simon Says game. Come to think of it, that's how all of these pictures of girls groups end up here - with emphasis on the "fun" and "willing". This first group is one of our wonderful returning Angels from the summer of 2008, looking even better than they did last year.

And - in a show of true sportsmanship - 80th birthday girl, Marie, let me instruct her daughters to (faux) push her down the stairs of their cottage for a memorable photo op. I'm sure that she'll remember this birthday. I know that our neighbors will.

But, alas, we went inside their cottage for a final shot to show their true feelings for Mom as you can see here. Hmmm.... Goldilocks and the Three Bearhugs? Happy birthday Marie, and many more.

And... good luck Angels.

Fairbanks House

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