Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Poinsettia Point

The watering place - for horses, people and dogs - takes on a special charm this time of year. A new round of fresh poinsettias has shown up to put shoppers in the proper mood as they stroll by our one-of-a-kind shops on Centre Street. We have lots of guests who come every year to do all of their Christmas shopping in town. It's so unhurried, un-cookie cutter and un-mall-like. Our guests come back laden with bags and smiles. The shopkeepers are all so friendly and accommodating. If you can't come to enjoy our local shops, be sure to support your own "Mom and Pops" this season. It's been a tough year. They need you and you'll love the experience. And don't forget to go out to lunch while you're out and stop by a pub to celebrate the shopping accomplishment when you're done.

Fairbanks House

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