Friday, October 30, 2009

How About a Gift Certificate?

No walk tonight as I'm still a little limpy so... how about a gift certificate? A $25 Fairbanks House gift certificate goes to the person who correctly guesses how many times I've sprained an ankle.

Hint #1 - I'm a jock. I've played organized (and fairly disorganized) softball, basketball, field hockey, track and luge. Okay, maybe not luge but I'm an excellent sledder. Also have been an ice skater, roller skater, hiker, snow skier. Have water skied, spelunked, played football and babysat a family of four boys for five years. Played league volleyball, wallyball and was third grade dodge ball champ. Also, competitive Simon Sez and Hokey Pokey participant because that's what it's all about.

Hint #2 - Have sprained my thumbs a combined 17 times.

Tiebreaker question: How many times have I had stitches?

I'll make the gift certificate $50 if you get both parts right. So... go ahead - take a guess. One entry per person please.

Good luck.

P.S. Locals can use the gift certificate in our gift shop.

P.S.S. Tickets for the Cookie Tour of Inns go up $5 each on Sunday. Get yours now.

Edit 11/3: We've had some good guesses, including some via e-mail (I didn't specify this time...) but no one's nailed it yet. So keep guessing - the usual one per customer - and we'll close it out at the end of the week.

Fairbanks House

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Georgia/ Florida Game

Yes, it's that time again. Time for the largest outdoor cocktail party in the world. And a really strong football rivalry too. This house represents what we would call a mixed marriage here in The South. It's a risky business given the heated debates at family gatherings. Mixed marriages are frowned upon in many households and offspring who go to the wrong college risk being cut out of the family will. But mostly, this weekend is just a great excuse to have a big ol' time fussin' over THE GAME. The countdown to Saturday's kickoff begins now.

And - yes - I'm back... sort of. I considered blogging a photo of my bruises but they're a little too colorful still to be viewed in prime time so you'll just have to take my word for it on my recovery. Thanks for all of your well-wishing and brow-furrowing for me. I have a great husband and lots of ice packs so I'm doing fine. Not quite up to speed yet but I'll do my best. This house is actually across the street...

Fairbanks House

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hamish and Safety

This is my buddy, Hamish, who greets me every time that I walk up the street. He lives with Sarah who owns the Celtic Charm shop on Centre Street - which many of you already know is my favorite shop on Centre. Hamish is an excellent lizard wrangler and cat spotter. He'll pay a good game of fence-racing with you if you're so inclined. Mostly we just have a brief but pleasant conversation as I walk past his house. He'd be happy to have a conversation with you, as well.

PLEASE NOTE that the blog will "go dark" for a couple of days while I recover from a little incident that I had on the treadmill today. Safety tip: when you're running on the treadmill, there will not be enough time for it to come to a stop in order for you to answer the phone before it rolls over to the answering machine. If you do not observe this safety tip you may end up with smashed elbows, a bruised back and a sprained ankle. It could happen.

Fairbanks House

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beautiful Fall Planter

The picture speaks 1000 words so I won't add any.

Fairbanks House

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Matter of Principals

See, it's not just the teachers that need a break. This fun group of principals from the Wellington area got a quick bit of downtime this weekend from their everyday stresses of being "in charge" of everyone. And, to add insult to my punning injuries, don't worry ladies, we don't tell tales out of school. See you after the FCATs.

Fairbanks House

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Car Show

Fall arrived last night and left us with some bright blue beautiful skies for the Amelia Cruizers car show today. Centre Street was closed to traffic all day today while every space was taken with an exhibition vehicle. There was even a gull-winged Delorean. I think they missed their chance for a great photo op when they didn't park it in front of the clock tower on the courthouse. Of course, without Michael J. Fox, I'm not sure how many would have gotten the Back to the Future reference. Nice show.

Fairbanks House

Friday, October 16, 2009

Signs of Autumn

We all though that it was going to be 90 degrees forever this year but fall has decided to arrive after all. We'll be dipping into the 50's for the next couple of nights so, if you look closely, you'll spot something that we haven't seen since February: sleeves. I saw somebody jumping the gun while I was out on my walk earlier who was actually wearing a sweater. She must have gotten it a few years ago for Christmas and wanted an excuse to wear it. Everyone else was still in short sleeves and sandals. Oh well, since we're all out of condition for anything below 80, we'll all be in full shoes by tomorrow. And then the temperatures go right back up on Monday. The pool's great - come on down.

Fairbanks House

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dawgs and Gators

You don't even have to own a calendar around here to know that it's almost time for the Florida/ Georgia football weekend. All of the shop windows fill up with red and black or orange and blue, or both. This particular window is the Christmas on Centre shop, proving that even Santa refuses to offend by picking a winner. Since we have more Dawgs than Gators staying with us for this annual event, I aimed my camera accordingly. Gators can find your merchandise starting in the top right corner, and in every other window on Centre Street to match.

Fairbanks House

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Open Letter to Our Forecasters

Dear Weatherpeople,

Despite these ominous (yet interesting) clouds that floated above the island today, the rain just keeps passing us by. I know that our friends in Atlanta are ready to send it down to us and we're ready to accept the gift but it's just not hattnin' for us. You said that there was an 80% chance of rain today and we got about five minutes of very light sprinkles. Technically, you were correct in that we did get raindrops. But when I read that there's an 80% chance of something, I'm not expecting that something to be five minutes of sprinkles. I'm thinking 80% chance of turn off the sprinklers, break out the umbrellas, cats get a bath, resurrection fern comes back, drop the pollen count, bring in the cool front, send the guests to the museum kind of event. Please change your vocabulary or get some skills.

Very Truly Yours,

Innkeeper/ Owner
Fairbanks House

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Joe's Second Street Bistro Beckons

Since I take most of my walks - and corresponding blog shots - during daylight hours, I rarely get to experience the dusk strolls that our guests get to have on their way to dinner after our evening social hour. This evening, we were privileged to be in the company of two regular Fairbanks House guests, Chris and Jenny Jones, from Wolverhawpton, England for dinner at Joe's Second Street Bistro. We had a fabulous meal with excellent company and thoroughly enjoyed the walk to and from dinner that our guests enjoy every evening. The streetlights and tidy sidewalks really do beckon and the perfect temperatures this time of year complete the experience. We're not usually happy to have only one room in the house but tonight, it allowed us to play tourist with some experienced ones. Thanks Chris and Jenny AND the fine crew at Joe's.

Fairbanks House

Monday, October 12, 2009

Golden Isles

Ah, high tide on the marsh. It's always so pretty but this time of year the marsh grasses start to turn their beautiful golden hues and become our fall foliage. The process will take a bit longer but it's well worth the wait. While Georgia has trademarked the name "Golden Isles," we're actually part of the same island chain that gets its name from the grasses. In fact, across the Cumberland Sound from the end of this marsh sits Georgia. Our high property tax bill, however, reminds us that we're in Florida.

Fairbanks House

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Noisy Oak

I may have discovered a new species of oak tree called the "Noisy Oak". Here I am, just la-di-da-ing down the street and this oak tree starts yelling at me. At ME, the plant and animal lover. I was quite offended until I noticed the cat right behind me and the four squirrels in the tree looking at IT, not me. Quite frankly, the cat looked as offended as me.

Fairbanks House

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Early Concours Arrival?

Even though the Concours d'Elegance isn't until March, this baby looks like she'd fit right in. If you've never attended, it's a really nice show - and I'm not even a "car person". Whether you're spectating, participating or you can just appreciate superior craftsmanship, you'll find this to be a spectacular event. But you'd better find it soon because we have one room left.

Fairbanks House

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pac Man Moon

Hope the moon survives the attack. First NASA, now this.

Fairbanks House

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Billy's Good News

With very cautious optimism, I announce that Billy's sight returned. About a week ago. As suddenly and inexplicably as it left. And we're thrilled. Although he had made tremendous strides on his own (and with training) as a blind boy, we were naturally always concerned about him and kept a close eye. And I got really concerned when his babysitters quit - after I'd given them such good press. But then I noticed that he was finding things more quickly, running more, chasing things with more accuracy, etc. And then I watched him run right at a tree full speed, knowing that there would not be a happy ending to the stunt, I was stunned to see him never break stride and run halfway up the tree. Eureka! He could see! That's why his babysitters quit; he didn't need them. His eyes don't look completely back to normal but I can't find one sight issue that holds him back. Since both of these events were without explanation, we'll hope for the best and keep an eye on him.

Billy and his babysitters and I would like to thank everyone for their kind wishes and moral support. As you can see here, he's keeping an eye on a squirrel so he's doing fine. If the situation changes, his babysitters and I will retrain him. In the meantime, we'll remain cautiously optimistic.

Fairbanks House

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Holiday Tour

For those of you who don't already know, this year's Bed and Breakfast Holiday Cookie Tour will benefit the Fernandina Beach Public Library. A portion of the price of every ticket purchased as well as the price of every cookbook purchased from the Friends of the Library will be donated to the Fernandina Beach branch. Tickets to this year's November 21st tour are limited and will go up in price on November 1st, so get yours now. You can purchase them online, at any inn, the Visitors' Center at the depot, the Chamber of Commerce Gateway office, the Fernandina Beach Library, or at the library's book sale at the Peck Center this weekend. Tasty treats for the tummy and eyes, all for a good cause. See you there - after we've put up our twenty one Christmas trees.

Fairbanks House

Monday, October 5, 2009

Needlepoint Shop

The Bristly Thistle, a new needlepoint shop, has opened on Fourth Street. Fans of the old Classy Needle will be thrilled about this. Many of our guests are stitchers and were regular customers of the Classy Needle and were quited saddened when it closed. I haven't been able to see what the hours are on the shop but I know that they have a "Sip 'n Knit" at Indigo Alley on Wednesday evenings from 6-8. Hmmm... I might have a bit of trouble later in the evening but many of these stitchers are darn near pro, plus they might not sip as much as me.

Fairbanks House

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Charlie's Angels and Throw Momma From the Train

So it was movie re-enactment day at Fairbanks House today with two fun and willing girls' groups that I treated as my own personal victims of a Simon Says game. Come to think of it, that's how all of these pictures of girls groups end up here - with emphasis on the "fun" and "willing". This first group is one of our wonderful returning Angels from the summer of 2008, looking even better than they did last year.

And - in a show of true sportsmanship - 80th birthday girl, Marie, let me instruct her daughters to (faux) push her down the stairs of their cottage for a memorable photo op. I'm sure that she'll remember this birthday. I know that our neighbors will.

But, alas, we went inside their cottage for a final shot to show their true feelings for Mom as you can see here. Hmmm.... Goldilocks and the Three Bearhugs? Happy birthday Marie, and many more.

And... good luck Angels.

Fairbanks House

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fernandina Farmers Market Treats

We're getting ready for Halloween around here. You can always tell that we're getting close when the Georgia "Punkins" show up at the farmers market.

But our next door neighbors' dogs don't have to wait for their treats. Fran goes down to the market on Saturdays to pick up treats for Casey and Cammy and it would appear that they know how to earn them. I bet that we've got the doggiest farmers market anywhere. You can't walk two feet without petting a dog. Well, you may be able to, but I can't. The beautiful greyhound behind is Eva who's showing my friend Leslie around.

Fairbanks House

Friday, October 2, 2009

Amelia Island Jazz Festival

BIG turnout for the kickoff to the Amelia Island Jazz Festival. It's also the last Sounds on Centre First Friday concert of the season. Bravo Downtown Business Association. Well done, indeed. Eight months of free street parties with great music and a fun time for all. On behalf of all of our guests, thank you.

And the perfect evening ended with the sunset to end all sunsets.

Fairbanks House