Tuesday, January 5, 2010


You've probably read how this cold front has reached all the way to south Florida breaking records everywhere it goes. And we're no exception. My hot towel service for the stray cats has blossomed into a part-time job and things that have never frozen before are getting their first taste of the sensation... such as our neighbor's blue mermaid sitting on the fountain here. I mention that she's blue because you'd never know it from the ice chest that she's sporting today. And the only reason that I know that she's not blue just from the cold is that I pass her most days. And the ice cubes next to her are turtles. It actually only got down to 30 degrees last night but it stayed there for awhile which allowed the layers to build up on our fair maiden. When you pull up a forecast for our zip code, you're actually seeing the numbers for inland; we're always 5 - 10 degrees different year round. And grateful for it.

Fairbanks House

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