Monday, January 4, 2010

Family Christmas - in January

I spent the weekend in Richmond for a delayed family Christmas at the lovely home of my niece and nephew-in-law and had a cold and wonderful time. It was nice getting back to landscapes that I remember (they're not that different from my hometown of Baltimore) but I was grateful that I brought enough L.L.Bean items to make it through without getting frostbite on my walks. As you all know there was record cold everywhere this weekend and Richmond was no exception.

Here's their lovely home, large enough to accommodate all 30 of us.

And here's a small sample of lovely nieces in new robes and earrings.

And my Dad, the patriarch holding a photo of himself in drag. Yes, he's an actor, and we're told that this was one of his roles. Don't know the full story but the photo sure did make a great gag gift.

And evidence that I did, indeed, walk in the 19 degree weather.

Fairbanks House


itsJUSTme-wendy said...

Your nieces are all gorgeous!
The house is too!

Holly and Robin said...

SO much fun seeing you last weekend Theresa! Miss you 'til the next vist, but love keeping up with you online! Lots of love. <3