Wednesday, January 6, 2010

S-S-S-Still C-C-C-Cold

Although we've had plenty of sun all day, we also had plenty of hours in the 20's last night so the fountain got a few more layers piled on. Note that the mermaid managed to thaw her northern parts in the sun today.

And even with all of the amazingly abnormal weather anomalies that we've been having lately, we've still got plenty of color on Centre Street. If you stare at the pansies long enough, you actually believe that we'll be eating ice cream again real soon. In fact, we're just two months from the Garden Show in Central Park. Jan's got some great things lined up for this first show so make your plans now. In fact, the dates of the show coincide with the first First Friday Sounds on Centre free concert on Centre Street. It's shaping up to be a great weekend.

If you'd like to come to Amelia Island this month, our second annual Restaurant Week starts January 24th. While we're certainly expecting for our weather to be back to normal then, it's always 72 degrees in the restaurants so it doesn't really matter what it's doing during Restaurant Week. Our guests who booked for it last year loved it.

Fairbanks House

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