Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Espana on Amelia Birthday Dinner

We went for a one-day-belated Happy Birthday To Me dinner at Espana tonight and BOY, was it delicious. My handsome hubby dinner partner is simultaneously demo-ing our Vino Verde wine, our creme Catalana dessert and our Moscatel dessert wine. Yes, there are some redundancies there but it was my birthday celebration, okay? Muy delicioso. And it tasted good too. We started with tapas of eggplant and polenta (two separate appetizers) and moved onto the chicken and seafood paella for two. I see our guests coming back after ordering this dish with leftovers but we managed to kill it. We've definitely earned the Alka Seltzer. Thanks Roberto, Marina and Staff; we loved it!

Fairbanks House

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