Sunday, March 7, 2010

Amelia Island Garden Show At Last

Ahhhhhh... finally.... the garden show.  Lots and lots of color, options, pretty and available.  The show was successful beyond anyone's wildest imagination - just what our economy, psyche and yards needed right now.  I focused on eco-friendly drought tolerant plants native to our area and ended up with some tropical sage and a locally produced form of goldenrod.  I'll be putting them in our butterfly garden out back.  I love that most drought-tolerant plants attract butterflies.  Almost like there's some sort of plan...

Handily I ran into my neighbor Monty and his mother, my friend, Marcia and he gallantly guarded some of my purchases while I contemplated spending more money or entering the butterfly exhibit that they'd just attended.  Happily for everyone, I chose to spend more money so that we can have our own butterflies.  Thanks. neighbor.

Fairbanks House

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Flowers said...

Wow...Like the picture of Garden show. Wish if I had make it to the place. Keep it up the good work