Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Neighbor Peg

These are our neighbors, Peg and Big.  We frequently pass on our respective walks (you may remember Peg's lovely umbrella from a couple of weeks ago), and Big was anxious to get going tonight but I got them to sit still long enough for a portrait. Peg and her husband, Charlie, are renovating one of the island cottages across the street from us on Sixth.  The beneficiaries of the bed and breakfast association Cookie Tour will be animal charities this year and, as a fellow animal lover, Peg has agreed to help me with the planning and legwork.  We might be on slightly opposite teams though because we'll be featuring a cats vs dogs theme, but I bet that there will be lots of cooperation among the species.  Look here for more announcements regarding the Tour in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, save the date of November 20th 1pm - 5pm.  Woof.  Meow.

Fairbanks House

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Traci P. said...

I love Peg & Big so much!! This is a fantastic picture! Can't wait to get up to Fernandina.