Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm Baaaa-aaack! And So is Lulu's

So sorry for my unscheduled hiatus.. but I'm back and blogging with a vengeance.  And just in time for Lulu's Bra and Grill reopening.  Old timers will recognize that there's no typo there; it's just a great name.  And we're thrilled that after an eighteen month (?) stretch of no Lulu's, we've got it back.  Co-owner Melanie (pictured) tells me that she and her husband are downsizing from a 350 seat restaurant that they own on the Potomac River in Virginia.  They had a "soft" opening today by just putting out their sign and seeing what wandered in.  By the looks of things when I wandered by on my walk tonight, they're not going to have too much trouble getting the word out.  Welcome, Melanie and family, and welcome back Lulu's.  You've been missed.

Fairbanks House

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