Saturday, July 3, 2010

Boomer Comes A-Calling

Amelia Island Carriages has been a fixture all week at Fairbanks House with our honeymooners, elopers, anniversary couples and ladies' groups all enjoying different experiences on their tours, but the one thing that generally remains constant... is Boomer.  Boomer has been entertaining our guests for almost six years now.  He gets help from Jazz and other friends but he's been the main carriage horse for our guests for as long as "his mom," Cyndi, has been in Fernandina.  He knows that he can expect treats from me any time that he sees me - or any time that he goes by the house - and I have to hide from him as I'm taking my walks through town or he'll try to bring the carriage tour to me so that he can get a treat.  He's the largest horse in Nassau County and I help keep him that way.  He will truly eat just about anything (except key lime pie) but I try to keep it healthy by giving him carrots or Spanish Moss.  Most of our guests are surprised to see him eat the moss but horses actually love it, as long as you pick out the sticks first.  I"m proud to be his buddy.

Fairbanks House - Amelia Island

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Tracy said...

My husband and I can't wait to meet Boomer and hopefully give him some treats!