Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fifi's Fine Resale

Jessica Miller, pictured here ( L) with one of her fine assistants, owns Fifi's Fine Resale, one of many of our great consignment shops on Amelia Island.  She's always got a great collection of clothing, jewelry, shoes and handbags in house and is frequently running some pretty good promotions.  The consignment shopping is so good around here that I've made a Google map to give to our guests who are on the hunt for great bargains.  I made the map in the fall and I'll need to update it because there have been some new shops added since then.  I spend most of my shopping time at Fifi's and Buy Gones but I'm told that the Purple Dove is a great resale shop too.  It's technically a thrift shop but the clothes that are donated are quite nice because all of the proceeds go to Micah's Place, the county's domestic violence center.  New To You is another great thrift shop.  I could go on... but you get the point.  Come shop!

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