Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quarter Cup of Possum

At least that's what this little guy looked like to me.  I've never seen one this little.  I'm sure that mom will show up sometime tonight to reclaim him/her.  In the meantime, he was imprinting on the cats.  Until we started caring for feral cats around here, I never knew of the apparent relationship between the species.  They almost act as if they can't see one another.  Possums will frequently eat out of the cat bowls right in front of them and the cats don't mind.  I got nervous when I saw that Davey was going over to check him out but the little guy (let's say... Jimmy) just headed right at Davey as if they were long lost friends.  Davey just settled into the sidewalk and Jimmy just sat down beside him until I came by and he retreated to the bushes.  He'll probably keep watch over Jimmy until mom comes to get him sometime tonight.  He's a good caregiver; we found that out when he babysat Billy.

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